Serve Teams

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Serve Teams

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If you are interested in serving with us on Sundays mornings, contact Rob Krogh to discover which Serve Team is the best fit for your gifts!

Hospitality -

Welcoming weekend worshippers with smiles, good coffee, friendship, and hospitality!

Good City Kids -

Captivating children for Jesus through happy avenues of biblical truth, creative beauty, and energetic goodness.

Nursery -

Loving babies for parental peace of mind.

Presentation -

Providing clear and compelling audio and video pathways for an distraction-free presentation of Word and Worship participation!

Safety -

Providing a secure environment by watchfullness and safety cultivation.

Worship Arts -

Leading God's people in passionate praise and powerful praying!

Visual Arts -

Cultivating visual kindling for creative avenues of beauty and reflection.

Soul Care -

Providing a listening ear, gospel-centered prayer and gracious words for those who are hurting, confused, or burdened.

Communication Arts -

Cultivating compelling readers and storytellers for creative avenues of truth.